Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Let's be honest.... No one "needs" a wedding planner but in most cases it makes good sense to hire one.

Larger events automatically come with a great deal of envelope-stuffing, RSVP-card calligraphing, seating (and personality) managing, and STRESS. Why would you want to take on all the stress by yourself? Or put that stress on a good friend - with whom your relationship may never be the same after the event!

Anyone having a destination wedding should seriously consider professional help! Someone who'll check out the location beforehand and make sure you're getting exactly what you want.

If you're throwing a last-minute wedding, a planner like Pamela Howard can be a lifesaver. She knows exactly who to call, knows the potential potholes in your plans, and can count on her trusted vendors to execute your vision flawlessly - even without 2 years of advance planning.

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