Event Production

Event Planning

"An event planner (also known as a meeting and/or convention planner) is someone who coordinates all aspects of professional meetings and events. They often choose meeting locations, arrange transportation, and coordinate other details." ~Sokanu

Event Planning Services

We are available for all types of events:

  • Social events and gatherings
  • Weddings and receptions
  • Family reunions
  • Corporate events
  • Marketing events
  • Meet & Greets
  • Corporate cocktail hours
  • Product launch events
  • Grand opening celebrations
  • Business meetings
  • Affinity group meetings

What exactly does an Event Planner do?

In short, we do all the "stuff" you would normally spend tens of hours of your own time doing. We handle early stage planning, site/space selection, execution, day-of production, and guest management. These services include:

  • Verbal and written communications with site(s), event hosts, and event organizers.
  • Organization and time management of all aspects of the event.
  • Project management and multitasking - taking care of all the little details.
  • Detail and deadline-oriented. They ensure your event happens on-time, as planned.
  • Calm and personable under pressure. Problems ALWAYS happen. They're not *your* problem when you have an event planner handling them.
  • Negotiation. We get the best prices and services for you.
  • Budget management. No need to worry about going over budget. We enforce your budget constraints for you.
  • Staff management - no need to hire servers, greeters, etc. yourself.
  • Marketing and public relations. We can blast your event out to all the right people for you when needed.

Charlotte's Premier Event Planner

Pamela Howard

Charlotte's premier event planner, Pamela Howard, is Event Management & Catering Director for Howard & Howard. Her years of industry experience and vendor relationships ensure your event will be exceptional! She will ensure your guests rave about their experience at the event. Give her a call at 980-349-5750 (in Charlotte) or 888-609-2350 (nationwide).

Why do you need an event planner?

1) You Will Save Money

Event Planners build relationships with suppliers, and they receive discounted rates from vendors that a quality planner will pass on to the client. When you call the same supplier, you are likely to pay their standard rates, which can be higher by as much as 20 percent or more.

2) You Will Save Time

Nobody has enough hours in the day anymore, so why spread yourself too thin doing something that someone else can do for you more efficiently and effectively? Planners thrive on this activity, and they can organize and execute your event in less time than you ever could, allowing you to focus on other responsibilities.

3) Benefit from Our Knowledge/Experience

Over time, Event Planners gain extensive knowledge and wisdom regarding events and parties; they know the latest trends, newest venues, the hot colors, budget-saving secrets and details that you may not be aware of if you plan only one or two events annually.

4) We Capitalize on Contacts and Resources

A Planner’s rolodex is a gold mine. From lighting to décor to power and more, all the right contacts are at their fingertips. No more web-searching required when they can speed-dial the best canopy vendor to serve your location, or obtain a liquor application for a City park. Put their rolodex to work for you!

5) Stress-Free Troubleshooting

Despite all the planning, preparation and management, almost every event inevitably encounters an unforeseen hiccup. You don’t want guests aware of this snag and you certainly don’t want to appear panicked….This is when you need a Planner at your side because they know who to call and how to remedy a situation quickly. Whether it’s a missing limo or a fallen wedding gown hem, your Planner can secure the resources necessary to resolve an issue seamlessly and keep the event on track.