Howard & Howard Event Management & Catering

Box Lunch Ordering

Please remember our advance order requirement and minimum order when placing your order. If in doubt, please call Pamela at 980-349-5750.

Option 1: Email or Fax

Complete the Box Lunch Order Form and return via email or fax to Click below if you need a copy of the form:

Howard and Howard Box Lunch Order Form

Thank you for choosing Howard & Howard! We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

Option 2: Order Online

Use our online tool to build your box lunch order. Don't worry about the delivery time/date chosen. A member of the catering staff WILL CALL YOU once we receive your order to verify the delivery date, time and location, as well as pricing, special requests, delivery fee (if any), and collect your payment information.

Click below to open the online menu and order building system:

See Corporate Box Lunch MENU & Order