Planning with Poise: Planning a family day for the holidays

 Planning a family outing is alot like planning your dinner. You may feel it is quicker if you do it all yourself, however if you have children and include them in your planning, it will save the headache of lack of interest and make coming together more of a I can't wait till next time cause it was so great! Or the acknowledgements of " I recommended this and I helped prepare that cause I knew everyone would enjoy it!"



  • Allow each member to choose one thing they want to do during the holidays.

This gives them a little bit of control or for better words "their input is being acknowledge in the festivities".

We are all home bodies when it comes to the holidays. Pick a place in your travels and make it home. 


  • Make sure you choose a place that offers interest for both girls & boys.

This will make them feel like they are on the move and keep the sparkle in the whole holiday family day!


It can be pretty drab when you're somewhere and can't book an excurion or allow your palate to expereince exciting meals. 


  • ´╗┐Decide a head of time what you can realistically spend. 

No need to break the bank. Being organized about what and how you will spend your money will save time, money and heartache later.


If your get-a-way requires overnight lodging, invest in making your accommodations a home away from home.


  • ´╗┐Purchase accommodations that offer separate living quaters, interconnecting rooms or just purchase 2 rooms.

It will give you and your partner time alone and the kids and pretend you don't know they are up late watching goodness knows what, lol.

Now that's a family holiday vacation!


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