Planning With Poise: Plan and cater a fantastic event

Tip 1: Budget for your event
-Develop a financing plan by estimating the numbers
-Estimate the number by funded sponsors, ticket sales, internal budget & crowd funding.
No matter where you select to have an event or choose to cater it, be prepared for the GOLDEN Question. What is your budget?
Tip 2: Choosing a venue
-Select venues that offer hourly rates
-Select venues that allow outside catering
-Make sure you take in consideration how your venue of choice effects your guest. For ex: Is parking free and ample. The location is easy accessible from major highways & interstates.
Tip 3: Feeding your crowd
- When selecting your menu choose items that come family style or all inclusive entrees. Ex: Pasta Dishes, Rice Pilaf, Pre-sliced meats-ham-turkey
- Use caterers that offer full service. This will help with portion control and assure all guest receive a fair share of everything.
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